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Gülen’s All Religious View on Education

“From birth until death, the teacher is a holy master who gives shape to the world throughout one’s life. On earth, there is no equal to him in guiding his nation to their fate, in refining their ethics and their characteristics, and in infusing his nation with the awareness of eternity. The influence of the teacher on the individual far exceeds the one exerted by his parents and by society. In fact, it is the teacher who kneads the mother, the father, and all members of society. If he is not involved in the kneading of any piece of dough, it is left formless.”

By Thomas Michel

Teachers of wisdom, knowledge of god, and dialogue

“The teacher is a hand, a tongue, God uses to exalt or humiliate humanity. Yes, a ‘nomadic community’ that found its instructor was sublimed as high as angels and they all ascended to the rank of being teachers for humanity.”

Footnote: “Nomadic community'” refers to the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Quotes from Fethullah Gülen, Cag ve Nesil, pp. 110–114.

“Rousseau’s master was conscience. For Kant, it was a combination of conscience and reason. In the school of Rumi and Yunus, the master is the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him…

The Qur’an is an anthology of sayings and hymns from this divine lesson, a collection of mysterious sayings that silence all other words and that show the Unity within multiplicity.”

Fethullah Gülen, Cag ve Nesil

“He (FG) believes that the education of humankind is the foundation of faith. At the root of the modern education crisis lies the fragmentation of the once-harmonious heart and mind connection in education and scientific thinking.”

“Gülen contends that the new education system will not be able to quell this crisis unless it redefines the natural and inherent relationship between humanity, the cosmos, and God.”

The contribution to the Turkish Education System, by Enes Ergene 2008. Read the article here:

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